The Lakewood Home Buyer's Guide 2020

The Lakewood Home Buyer's Guide

The ultimate resource for purchasing a home in Lakewood

About The Lakewood Home Buyer’s Guide

Many home buyers are overwhelmed by a barrage of industry jargon and complex processes that they don’t understand. Especially in a community where many serious buyers don’t have internet access, our concise, informative guide, published annually, has become home buyers’ go-to resource as they progress through their purchase and renovations.

For Businesses

  • The most targeted audience for your advertising
  • Year-long exposure for the price of a single ad
  • Be quoted in articles as an expert source

For Home Buyers

  • Step-by-step information on home buying and renovations
  • Explanations of important terms and expressions
  • Categorized business listings to help you find qualified vendors

The most targeted advertising available for house-related products and services.

Over 1,000 homes were sold in Lakewood over the past 12 months.

How many of those buyers used your services?

If you sell a house-related product or service, the Lakewood Home Buyer’s Guide represents the most targeted advertising opportunity on the market.

Distributed free to nearly 14,000 prospective buyers beginning February, peak home-buying season, the Guide contains contain dozens of pages of informative content and business listings, making it a must-have resource for home buyers. Comprehensive articles on every aspect of purchasing and renovating a home provide valuable service to buyers, ensuring that they refer to it — and notice your ad — again and again throughout the year.

Businesses and professionals:
njoy unprecedented access to consumers who are actively looking for you!